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  Saxophone in 1846 by the Belgian band music maker, Aldo - Sax invented manufacturing. Saxophone is a collection of woodwind and brass instruments advantage of the advantages of musical instruments. Sachs is a copper pipe body, the sound all the brass Jian bold. Sachs Guandi head with a woodwind clarinet mouthpiece and reed wind instrument with a black machine commandment fingering system, sound and delicate with beautiful woodwind, and playing techniques very quickly and easily. Saxophone key subsystem with advanced and additional automatic octave keys, very convenient for the performance technology, and Hair flute sound easy, together with its melodious tone, making it a favorite of music lovers.    






There are five types of saxophone wind instruments:

1 Bb increase the tone, straight wind instruments, sound gorgeous bright, mainly for the solo.

2 Eb alto tone, bending musical instruments, their sound is both elegant and beautiful, mainly for solo jazz orchestral pop

and other military music ensemble, is the most widely used instruments.

3 Bb tenor tone, pipe instrument, Eb tone than the volume in a large musical instrument, sound vigorous and elegant,

the main military music ensemble for jazz orchestra, is commonly used musical instruments.

4 Eb tone on the bass, big bend musical instruments, sound deep and honest, for jazz ensemble.

5 Bb bass tone, the Secretary-fold bending musical instruments, sound heavy, for the ensemble.


2008 Music Education

Music training: One to one teaching saxophone, bassoon, clarinet

and other musical instruments and teaching music theory.

Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Royal College of ABRSM Music Exam,

Music Grading counseling School student band formed guidance.

Shanghai orchestra band: Shanghai joint organization of professional troupes orchestra performer,

Classical music, symphony, opera, musicals, world music performances.

Teacher Li Professional Resume: Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Central Orchestra China, Shanghai TV,

Shanghai Grand Theatre, Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra.
















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