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    From Italian (fagotto) of Intended as "a bundle of sticks" - very image. Of double reed instruments. Is the oboe family Tenor and bass. A wide range, from bass to treble stave stave of bB1 Of e2. Tube is divided into five parts: S tube, tenor pipes, U-shaped bore tube, bassTube, trumpet. Total length of tube 254 to 260 cm, body bent into a U-tube Shaped, bell up, plug the pipe double reed mouthpiece is a thin metal tube bending. Large Management's role in the oboe family, either to provide the bass sound, but also instrumental Tone, it sounds more harmonious and French horn, often with polyphonic composition, contrabass area bB1 ~ F is particularly old. Legato and staccato are extremely flexible, fast staccato particularly witty, often Performance of the humorous effect, which is known as the bassoon in the band "clown."Bassoon is a woodwind instrument in the bass Musical instruments, is an important symphony orchestra in one instrument. The treble sounds sad pain, moderate midrange sweet zone The United States, severe gloomy bass, staccato naughty when you have a humorous effect.Scores seen in the earliest application bassoon 1629. A. Wiwa Jordi wrote a large number of bassoon concerto and quintetQu. WA Mozart and Weber have written CMvon famous bassoon concerto. P. Hindemith for bassoonWrote a sonata.

  Bass bassoon, oboe family in the lowest musical instrument, range octave lower than the bassoon. First bass bassoon Berlin's И.Shenlai Bo made ​​in 1616. Modern bass bassoon in 1876 by ​​JA Hecker according to when Appeared in Germany when the structure of the new principles in the restructuring of the bassoon. Nearly 5 meters long tube, bent into a 4 or 5,Bell down. The bottom of the tube with shoring, floor placement. It's best pitch is the lowest octave out, sound Full-bodied and rich color charm. As the reed is more lenient, pronunciation slow and not suitable for fast turn the staccato sound To play. M. La Weier's "Mother Goose" in the famous bass bassoon solo passages.

Shanghai professional orchestra teacher, one music teaching,
 Let the children enjoy music, healthy, smart, and happiness! Let the children listen to music, understand music, language, child language performance of music. Let us work together to enjoy quality music!
 Professional musicians working process: the Central Conservatory of Music, China National Symphony Orchestra, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, the Shanghai Conservatory, Shanghai TV, Shanghai Grand Theatre and so on.
 A, the use of musical instruments carrier, one on one music education, teaching children not only musical instruments, musical language is more important is the performance, with music to show thinking skills.
 B, the UK Royal College of Music, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Shanghai Musicians Association Grading music.Including basic scales, etudes, music style playing, hearing, music theory.
 C, students were the Shanghai Gold Silver Band Music Competition; talented students admitted to Shanghai Key High School, the national key universities;
 Students admitted to the Central Conservatory of Music, Shanghai Conservatory of Music and other art institutions;
 Foreign students often selected to the National Youth Orchestra of the international tour.

Music training: One to one teaching saxophone, bassoon,

clarinet and other musical instruments and teaching music theory.

Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Royal College of Music ABRSM,

Music Grading counseling School student band formed guidance.

Shanghai orchestra band: Shanghai joint organization of professional troupes orchestra performer,

Classical music, symphony, opera, musicals, world music performances.

Teacher Li Professional Resume: Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Central Orchestra, Shanghai TV,

Shanghai Grand Theatre, Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra.
















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